Johnny Wvlker found dead in Hollywood

Artist Johnny Wvlker has died in Los Angeles this passed weekend. We received a short statement from his label, Dead Poet Soxiety.
“Johnny was found dead in his Hollywood home Sunday”
But they did not give a specific reason for his passing.

Johnny Wvlker, (born John Charles Adir Roumani) was a Moroccan American rapper originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. He had been living in Los Angeles the last few years with his team and label DPS. He was first recognized for his debut Ep “Wonderland” which released just last year.

Johnny’s first single “Visions” received nearly 10,000,000 streams garnering a lot of attention and nods from major labels early on in his career.
“Man he was just getting started in the industry, he was a great up-and-coming artist with a real unique sound” a friend said.

Johnny was a painter, musician, and published poet with a big vision for his future that was cut short.

“Well what I want out of life is simple, of course I want money and security to help the people around me and build businesses…But for real I just wanna watch movies all day in a bigger house. You know some Great Gatsby sh*t, where I don’t even know who’s in the place. Like a sanctuary for all my people” – Johnny said in a iHeart interview

Johnny Wvlker and his Label DPS (Dead Poet Soxiety) along with fellow LA artist Splice Sama just released a new project entitled “TRIP KIDZ” last month on April 13th. You can hear Johnny’s Dark Pop luxury rap style he’s coined on songs like “LOST” and “DAZED”.