The Sum: All Star Music Battle made its first episode debut that broadcasted on television network TNT. The first episode was aired on February 19th, 2023, which featured iconic rapper Wiz Khalifa, who went up against female singer Bebe Rexha in a versus-challenge that required the two artists to perform one song of their choice from each of their own music catalogs, which required the help of their own super fans. 

Wiz Khalifa chose to perform his 2015 hit song “See You Again”, while Bebe Rexha’s chosen song was one of her newer singles “I’m Good (Blue)”. With both chart-topping artists going at it against each other, the super fans of each artist stood with them, bringing more energy to them by singing along with them while they were performing during their segments. 

For Wiz Khalifa’s segment of the show, one of his super fans that was noticeably spotted singing along was Utah artist J.T. Hiskey. Hiskey was wearing his golden clout goggles in each shot, which helped bring more excitement with the rest of the super fans who were gathered next to him. We reached out to J.T. Hiskey to share his experience with the show, and how it all came to happen in the first place. 

“So, I have to start off by saying, this was such an amazing experience, and I cannot thank everyone who was involved enough for having me. I was casted as an extra for this specific episode of The Sum, and it was such an honor because they only casted about one hundred people in total for Wiz Khalifa’s segment.” Hiskey told us. 

“We were on set for about six hours in total, and we did rehearse a few times before we ended up filming. It was so rad to be next to Wiz Khalifa, and to be signing his song with so many amazing people as well. This was an experience that I will truly never forget.”

Hiskey was featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon back on May 1st, 2018 where his song “Love” was played in front of his live audience. Ever since, Hiskey has been able to keep on winning with more opportunities that keep coming his way. 

“Again, I cannot thank TNT and the entire rest of the staff enough for this. Wiz Khalifa is such a unique human being, and he helps inspire me to continue to be the same way. Wiz Khalifa has given me so many memories over the last ten years, and to be a part of this episode really left an impact on my life that I will carry on forever”.

Check out the very first episode of TNT’s “The Sum: All Star Music Battle” which is out now, and be sure to catch J.T. Hiskey’s appearance when you do.