NOAPOLOGY, the female-fronted rock band from Kyiv, Ukraine, is taking the music industry by storm with their new single ” Deadhearted”. The band consists of Daria Zaritskaya (lead singer), Sergey Sershen (guitar), Alex Shturmak (bass), and Dmitry Kim (drums). They began creating their original music when the war in their country started, and their single “Ashes” has already gained more than 1 million views on YouTube.

NOAPOLOGY’s unique sound is a combination of powerful vocals, hard-hitting drums, and electric guitar riffs. Their music is inspired by the struggles and challenges faced by their country and the world. The lyrics of their songs reflect the emotions and experiences of their daily lives, making their music relatable to audiences around the world.

“Ashes,” released in October 2022, has received critical acclaim from music enthusiasts and critics alike. The haunting melody of the song is paired with a driving rhythm that builds to an explosive chorus. The music video for the song is a visual masterpiece, capturing the raw energy and passion of the band.

In addition to their debut single, NOAPOLOGY has released a few other tracks on various streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. Fans can follow the band on their official YouTube channel, Instagram, and Spotify to keep up to date with their latest music releases and news.

“We are thrilled to share our music with the world and connect with fans from different corners of the globe,” said the band’s lead vocalist, Daria Zaritskaya. “Our music is a reflection of the human experience, and we hope that it inspires and uplifts our listeners.”

NOAPOLOGY’s upcoming album is expected to be a hit with fans of rock music and anyone who appreciates powerful lyrics and exceptional musical talent.