The versatile musician that he is, Lakshan Pamesh is a youth sensation with a whopping fan following rolling around him, having created his legacy through his mesmerizing tracks. 

One of his recent releases that fans have been drooling over is the album titled “Breland” under the label ‘Indiefy’. 

Gaining popularity through his spectacular performances, his fans across the globe enjoy Pamesh’s charismatic tracks. His recent release acquired over a million views, making it an impressive hallmark for the dynamic singer. Among his popular releases that his vast audience has cherished include Bad Man, Shivers, and Bad Habits. 

For Lakshan, it is not simply the urge for instant money and fame that drives him to compose the fascinating tracks. His songs are a product of passion, dedication, and love that leaves a heartening impression and an excitable flare of emotions for his listeners. Articulately curated with a plush of enthusiasm, intense sentiments, and eloquence, Lakshan’s music invokes addiction among his audience. Listening to his music just once is not satiating, the listeners of his heart-warming music are known to be fanatics of his incredible performance. 

Born on the 22nd of December 1998 in Sri Lanka, Pamesh’s birth year marks the beginning of generation Z on the radar. Born and raised in Padukka, a city located in Colombo District, he currently lives in Japan, excelling remarkably in his career as a Music Composer, Producer, and Singer.

Establishing himself as one of the global celebrities at a profoundly young age, the flourishing musician portrays a wide range of talents. Along with composing galvanizing tracks, the dynamic singer has diversified his portfolio to get a strong foothold in the digital world.

His stark interest in social media and profound knowledge of the digital world paved the way for the young mind to begin his entrepreneurial venture. 

Today, apart from his prominent contributions to the music industry, Lakshan is a credible Social Media Consultant and Analyst and a Web and Application Developer. Currently residing in Japan, he serves as a successful information journalist.

Fame has not undermined the empathic and benevolent nature of the stellar musician who has been constantly engaged in providing assistance to the emerging talents in his field to accomplish their goals. Following his passion, the artist is devoted to creating a positive impact with his work. 

The young multitalented artist has given rise to a new perspective of music, depicting immense love, passion, and devotion in his albums. Lakshan’s tracks are perfectly curated with the right hues of melody, rhythm, and expressions that add a spark to his exquisite performance.

Evolving the music industry with his utmost zeal, his eccentric songs have given a new understanding of music to the audience, enabling them to feel the intense emotions and promptly connect with it. 

His album ‘The Story of Lakshan (Best of) had eight songs which include: 

1. About me | The Story Of LAKSHAN (Best Of) 

2. Blood | The Story Of LAKSHAN (Best Of) 

3. Chill Mood | The Story Of LAKSHAN (Best Of) 

4. Freestyle | The Story Of LAKSHAN (Best Of) 

5. Its Just | The Story Of LAKSHAN (Best Of) 

6. My Love | The Story Of LAKSHAN (Best Of) 

7. Precious | The Story Of LAKSHAN (Best Of) 

8. Shy | The Story Of LAKSHAN (Best Of)


A well-rounded individual exhibiting his expertise in whatever he does, Pamesh has acquired the love of a vast number of listeners. Constantly expanding his fan base, the music enthusiast creates inspirational and motivational albums that give out positive vibes. 

For all the music lovers out there, don’t forget to check out the exclusive albums of the young artist. ‘The Story of Lakshan (Best of)‘ would take you through his collection of world-class music, delving you into the serenity of his voice.

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