Bélize recording artist, Bri-Yan, announced early last week on his Instagram story that he’s produced more money on Scrybe than he has on any other DSP. This may not be alarming to most, but considering Scrybe Streaming launched a mere 9 months ago, its a pure sign of what’s to come for other artists who are willing to take the leap into the next wave of the music streaming business. 

Bri-Yan has seemingly developed a strategy with releasing new music on Scrybe. Certain songs he gives access to all DSPs and others are seemingly exclusive to the Scrybe Streaming platform. His latest single released on Scrybe “We Alive” has drawn lots of attention with its anthem like production and delivery. 

Heres the breakdown on how Bri-Yan has been able to effectively increase his monthly revenue with Scrybe: 

Fans can subscribe to his songs for a mere .25 cents a month or have complete access to all his music, over 10 songs, for only .50 cents a month. That means that with only 2 subscribers, the native artist earns 1 dollar, whereas on Spotify, the artist has to amass over 320+ streams to earn that same dollar. Scrybe is also free for artists to use and upload, and similar to onlyfans they take a small percentage when an artist cashes out. So the company does not generate revenue unless the artist does, which levels the playing field on artists getting attention. 

Bri-Yan has shown how on an indie level an artist can actually begin making residual revenue with music again using Scrybe’s new CCSA (Creator Controlled Subscription Application) business model. It’s only been 9 months and artist like the Belize native can share similar success stories. Its truly exciting to see how this continues to expand. 

Artists can upload music for free at Myscrybe.com Or download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store. 

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