Artist known as LT UP TO SPEED is hip hop artist based out of Laurinburg, North Carolina.  He has placed number 3 on the apple itunes charts and number 9 on the today’s hits for itunes.  Down with me was the first single to chart.  He along with his uncle TCAP 100 have been in the music scene for quite awhile.  LT UP TO SPEED has opened up for acts such as, dababy, boosie, tossie, and many more.  His career is just now starting to take his peak.  After years of making music, the industry has just started to take notice.  Blockboy is the first artist to give LT UP TO SPEED a co-sign but he will not be the last.  After leaving Laurinburg, North Carolina LT grew up in a small town called Knightdale where he finish his high school diploma.  He was known as a trendsetter in high school because of his ability to take fashion into his on hands.  Love Tremendously is an album that explains love in the modern living today.  Love is Toxic, Caring, and confusing, but the album can relate to all ages and demographics.  It is coming to belief that he may be next up.  His uncle TCAP vouches that he would be the first major artist to come out of Laurinburg, North Carolina.  There are many talents to be recognized in a small town like Laurinburg, North Carolina.  LT UP TO SPEED wants to put both the towns he grew up in on the map, and he is showing signs of consistency that will lead him to immediate gratification as the music industry welcomes him into the masses.  Good luck to this town of Laurinburg and the artist that are striving to get to the top, but good luck to LT UP TO SPEED in his venture to success.