Brother Beatz delivers a warm and inviting musical experience, blending cozy melodies and smooth rhythms. Raised in a military family, he discovered his love for music early and later joined a prestigious Drum Corps “Crossmen”. Making a shift from biology to music at Texas A&M, Brother Beatz’s unique background sets him apart. Drawing inspiration from hip-hop legends and collaborating with local artists, he crafts a unique blend of trap rap with a Texas country touch.

Influenced by Jay-Z and Kanye West, Brother Beatz focuses on creating a distinctive sound with strong melodies. His musical journey had a surreal start when Drake used a sample he had used in his first beat ever. Encouraged by positive listener reactions, Brother Beatz has diverse aspirations, from acting to clothing design, but remains dedicated to his main goal: music. His open approach to beat creation grants him creative freedom and a uplifting feeling.

Believing in the personal experience of music, Brother Beatz writes from emotion, allowing listeners to interpret his tracks freely. Inspired by Kanye’s philosophy, he sees his work as a gift for everyone to enjoy. Encouraging fans to believe in themselves, Brother Beatz embodies a mindset of honesty, persistence, and determination. With ongoing releases and collaborations, he is establishing himself as a leading force in shaping the future of music.

Brother Beatz’s impact in the music scene grows stronger as he achieves significant milestones. His collaboration with Pimptress on “Fake Beef” proudly claims the #1 spot. Demonstrating versatility, Brother Beatz features in the film “Bissonnet” on Tubi, directed by Conrad Craven. The excitement continues with upcoming shows alongside Live Nation, solidifying his position as a dynamic force in the industry.