In a dynamic evolution within the music industry, Dj Flip has emerged as a transformative force, transcending his origins as a DJ on iHeart Radio in SWFL to become a powerhouse in the national music scene. With a career that spans across vibrant cities such as Atlanta, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and his current epicenter in the pulsating musical hub of Houston, Texas, Dj Flip has become a symbol of innovation and artistic mastery.

Dj Flip’s meteoric rise in the big state of Texas is marked by influential collaborations with top labels and artists. From being seen in a music video with Mexican OT and BigXThaPlug, Dj Flip has been in the thick of it, leaving an indelible mark in the scene and soundscape of the Lone Star State. His entry into Rap-A-Lot Records opened doors to creative spaces where industry titans like Jas Prince, the visionary founder of Drake, and esteemed engineers like Kid Silver (multi platinum engineer) , DJ Rox (head engineer of Rap-A-Lot), and Grammy award-winning engineer and producer 24k welcomed him into their fold.

Beyond navigating the music scene, Dj Flip is actively influencing its trajectory by mentoring top-tier artists in Texas. Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences gained through internships and collaborations with Def Jam Records, Interscope Records, and 300 Ent, he strategically positions himself as a guiding force, propelling emerging talents to unprecedented heights.

The excitement builds as Dj Flip proudly announces the imminent release of his EP in 2024. Drawing inspiration from the collaborative genius of DJ Khaled and deeply rooted in the rich culture of Houston, this project promises to set a new benchmark in the Texas music landscape. Dj Flip envisions a collective masterpiece, uniting the best artists in a celebration of diversity and raw talent.

Expanding his impact beyond the studio, Dj Flip has cultivated a solid foundation and an ardent fan base throughout the state. Leaving an indelible mark through projects in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Austin, and San Antonio, Dj Flip’s unwavering commitment to quality and a finely-tuned ear for the pulse of Texas position him not merely as an observer of upcoming events but as the catalyst poised to redefine the sonic experience throughout 2024.