Acclaimed Italian producer and composer Aria (real name Mariano Schiavolini) has released his highly-anticipated double-A side featuring two singles The Lady in White, and The Next Life in celebration of, and endorsed by, Earth Day 2022 (Apr 22nd). 

With this release, Aria hopes to bring light to the cruel conditions that animals are subject to. Single, The Next Life is dedicated to the environment and animals on the verge of extinction. With lyrics penned by Los Angeles author B. Warner, and upcoming Houston rapper R Reed on vocals, the single combines a texturally rich rock ballad with dynamic, socially charging hip hop stylings with huge cross-over potential

The Next Life, and the wider double-A side, continues Aria’s further humanitarian works. An avid environmentalist and advocate for various animal associations including Animals Asia Foundation, the artist is committed to ending bear breeding on bile farms and improving the living conditions of animals in Asia. 

In 2013 Aria created the website (Flight of the Eagle). A multimedia project combining music and environmental protection, the site curates montages of the animal kingdom to Aria’s music. Using the music as a starting point, Aria has created a poignant, and at times challenging, perspective on animals that sees audiences witness nature’s most beautiful moments, and the man-made dangers threatening them. With over 1.5 million views, the project has been a huge success in educating audiences on environmental matters with the power of music. 

Aria is perhaps best known as a founding member of the original Italian prog-rock band Celeste (dubbed “the Italian King Crimson”), Aria has had a long and rich history across various musical cultures. A staple of the Sanremo music festival, the artist was a bridge between the worlds of Italian and British music. Passionate about bringing the world together through music, Aria has since gone on to orchestrate projects across LA, Prague, Johannesburg, and more

With a musical history spanning the creation of leading Italian Rock record label Dischi Noi (RCA Distibution), collaborating with the likes of Kit Woolven (David Bowie, Thin Lizzy) and Nick Griffits (Pink Floyd, Roger Waters), and Daniel Boone (The Who, Kraftwerk), and concert production on Rock at Midnight for Italia 1 TV, Aria’s legacy speaks for itself. 

The Next Life’s timely Earth Day release calls audiences to action with an unforgettable sound. Combining a true humanitarian heart and undeniable talent, The Next Life and The Lady in White are sure to connect with audiences worldwide now that it is available across all platforms.